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LIVE on SAT7 PARs each Friday at 8pm.

See us again on Sat Afghan, Mohabat TV, SAT7 PARS or Watch online our latest episode - - "The Parable of the Tenants"

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Do You Believe in Ceasefire That Might Bring Peace?

Raz-e Zindagi Presenter


Shoaib was born and raised in Kabul, Afghanistan. He studied Law and has worked for the UNHCR. He is fun to work with and speaks his mind.

He desires to share the love of God and his faith in Jesus Christ with his fellow Afghans.

Programme times

  • SAT7 PARs - Watch on Friday at 8pm for our LIVE broadcast.

    There are also repeats on Wednesdays at 5:30am and Saturdays at 2pm.

    Frequency: "HotBird 8" 13° East. 10.949 V, 27.5 MSym/sec, FEC ¾)

  • Mohabat TV - Watch on Saturday at 6pm. Also at midnight and then mid-day on Sundays.

    Frequency: "HotBird 6" 13° East. Transponder 134. 11200 MHz

  • Or watch our programmes here on this website.

Our Aims

Christian Television programmes for Afghanistan

We produce Christian television programmes, made by Afghans for Afghans. We aim to make our programming honest and relevant to today. We are not ashamed to confess our faith in Jesus Christ, and are happy to chat with all our Afghan friends.

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